Buying or Selling Real Estate is usually one of the more important and most expensive financial decisions most people will ever make. By making wrong decisions, this could also be the most stressful or dreadful investment. The modern trend is by advertising on the internet and having world wide exposure.

As an advertising platform this site offers participating Estate Agents charging commission as well as Private Sellers at 0% Commission a refreshing approach to Buying, Selling and Renting of Properties. Whether you are selling your property, business, farm, offering accommodation, or by making use of an Estate Agent, it has never been easier to advertise your property as a D.I.Y Property Specialist!­® Just Click on It!

Roughly 75% of home owners use the internet to sell their property. With such a drastic trend it is surprising that real estate agents and home owners still use newspapers to advertise their property. Paying an expensive bundle for an advertisement in a newspaper, only to have it recycled the next day just does not make sense. Why would anybody spend so much on a form of advertising that is so short lived? Not to mention the space constraint and character limits on ads in the newspaper. Do people really think newspaper advertising is such an effective advertising medium and worth the money spent?

Why not take advantage of the unlimited potential and exposure of the Internet? offers Estate Agents, Developers and Home Owners the chance to promote their properties online with the freedom to exhibit as many characters as they need. Home owners can show off their property with  full colour quality photos, not like the ugly blurry images that some  printed media have. Many  property owners who advertise with newspapers settle for an inferior ad for an exclusive property out of frustration from dealing with little or no response from the weeks and months of having their ad in the newspaper.

Instead of dealing with the newspaper, Estate Agents, Developers and Home Owners can now list their property on where potential clients can browse through ads for free. focuses on geo-targeted keywords through effective Real Estate SEO campaigns that can attract home buyers within your locality. Many people are turning away from reading the newspaper and prefer browsing the Internet to find what they need.

The Internet presents users with information that is accessible at their own time and convenience. offers long distance buyers the opportunity to check out properties they would be interested in. Trends are revealing that online advertising, for the real estate sector in particular, is progressing rapidly and is already overtaking traditional advertising methods. Targeting online buyers will  help Property Owners sell their property at the best prices possible. Whether you are an Estate Agent, Developer or Home Owner, will expose your property to millions for a fraction of the cost comparing to any other media!


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Just Property is a keystone real estate company that occupies a sizable percentage of the property market in South Africa. We were established in 2009 and have quickly become one of the most respected property service companies nationwide.

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